Woman’s Jewellery Packaging

The Finishing Touch to the Perfect Piece

Whether your customers are buying a gift, or treating themselves, the presentation should always make their purchase feel special.

From jewellery that is designed to pop a question, to pieces that simply pop themselves – our quality and bespoke packaging will reassure your customer that they have bought exactly what they were looking for.

Say It With Style

Each piece of women’s jewellery is designed to make a specific statement. The purpose of our packaging is – not only to carry – but to amplify that statement.

Our 40 years of experience provides our clients with the direction to discover and develop packaging that meets the needs of their brand and product. All of our offerings can be produced using a vast range of colours and high quality materials to give a luxurious platform to ladies jewellery.

Our customers

Enquiry Form

    If you would like to make an enquiry about our service or the bespoke offerings that we provide, please contact us using the form below.

    While it is not possible to be specific as to minimum order quantities, as a guide we would generally require 1,000 pieces per item.  If you are looking for smaller quantities, we carry an extensive range of stock items that can be customised with your logo.  Please visit our Stockpak website for ordering and to request free samples.

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