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A luxurious presentation can make the difference between currency, and a collectors item.

We have extensive experience, having worked with numerous major Mints in Europe and beyond, bringing a service uniquely tailored to each client.

The Sterling Choice

Our work with the UK’s Royal Mint over the past 15 years has delivered a consistently reliable yet innovative service, ensuring that each of its products is presented in a manner befitting its status.

Our cases can be adapted to store and display either singular items or entire collections. Clients can optimise the aesthetics of any coin with our wide range of materials, colours and precision fittings. Interpak coin cases provide the utmost quality for both preservation and presentation purposes, ensuring your products can be enjoyed by numismatics for years to come.

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    If you would like to make an enquiry about our service or the bespoke offerings that we provide, please contact us using the form below.

    While it is not possible to be specific as to minimum order quantities, as a guide we would generally require 1,000 pieces per item.  If you are looking for smaller quantities, we carry an extensive range of stock items that can be customised with your logo.  Please visit our Stockpak website for ordering and to request free samples.

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