The Whole Package

When we produce your packaging we take care of every single detail, from concept – to storage.

This added value allows our clients to focus on their core product, safe in the knowledge that their bespoke packaging can be available to them at a day’s notice. Interpak can bulk-buy your order and keep it in storage for up to 12 months, updating you on stock levels and letting you know when a reorder might be required. This service allows our clients to save time, space, and money, giving them the freedom to focus on other aspects of their business. Not only do we make sure that you never run out, but our next day delivery service ensures that any product requests are promptly received.

Financial Flexibility

At Interpak we do everything to ensure you receive the best value for your money, both in the quality of our products and in the management of your account. Dependent on credit status, Interpak can buy a product in bulk, only charging as and when you require stock. This approach allows our clients to benefit from a lower cost per item, while avoiding expensive one-off payments that may not suit the financial flow of their business.

Products can be stored at our warehouse ready to deliver to you the very next day, establishing a comfortable relationship between the income and outgoings of your trade.

Designed for You

Our UK Manufacturers ensure that you have optimal oversight when it comes to the design of your packaging.

We provide both current and prospective clients with free samples and mockups of our products, allowing them to experience the full impact of their bespoke packaging before purchase. We work closely with trusted manufacturers to offer a fully customisable service for our clients. These established relationships ensure that every detail of your product is produced efficiently and to a high quality.

Our effective communication allows a quick turnover of the utmost quality, resulting in a superior product with a reduced time to market.

Personalised Personnel

Just as our products are catered to your business, we will always ensure that you are taken care of by staff that blend with your brand. From preliminary discussions to post sale queries, your dedicated Account Manager will be available to advise, adapt and provide new ideas.

While we will have several specialised staff working to produce your products, we ensure that you have one point of contact for the entire process. This established relationship allows our Account Managers to immerse themselves with your branding and fully focus on delivering products that are consistent with your image.

Our staff boasts more than 100 years of expertise in presentation packaging, every second of which is drawn upon to provide you with an exemplary service to match our products.

What Our Customer's Say

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