Subtle, sustainable packaging that stands out from the crowd.

Packaging that delivers your brand message.

A beautiful range of jewellery packaging that delivers your brand message.

by | 13 Apr 2021

A beautiful range of jewellery packaging that delivers your brand message.


The company was ready to reach new heights with the rebrand of the entire range. Rebranding offers the company a great opportunity to strengthen the company’s presence and image in the eyes of their customers, most importantly the new brand identity differentiates the company from their competitors.


The stylish look and feel of the packaging is modern and elegant. The boxes are wrapped in a soft touch navy paper printed with an Aztec design printed in a subtle pale pink; in contrast the inside of the box features bold red lined walls printed with a Büro brown hue Aztec print.  The interior of the box is finished with a luxurious leather feel material that delivers the brands message.


Packaging that delivers your brand message from Interpak comes in many forms so please contact us to discuss.

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