Hill & Hill Jewellery Packaging Beautifully bespoke
Beautifully bespoke
Kit Heath Jewellery Packaging with Ribbons Beautifully bespoke
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Luxury Customised Presentation Packaging

Luxury custom presentation packaging from Interpak.  Supplying customers across the globe for over 50 years.
Specialising in both wholesale and retail, we utilise top quality materials to give your products the luxury platform that they deserve.

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Luxury Custom Presentation Packaging

Enhance your brand and ensure every purchase is special

Our business’ motto has always been to make each purchase feel special for a consumer.  Whether that represents a treat for themselves or a gift for someone else. Interpak’s quality and bespoke packaging reassures end consumers that they have bought exactly what they are looking for.  When the product is designed to be timeless, its important that its packaging can stand the test of time.


A huge variety of styles of bespoke presentation packaging

From luxury boxes to delicate pouches, Interpak works with a wide range of styles and materials to develop packaging that will effectively deliver your brand message. All of our presentation packaging can be customised to match the needs of your products and the aspirations of your customers.


The complete service in bespoke packaging

One of Interpak’s USP is its full service offering – from concept design to completion. As a result, we are able to focus on your core product, safe in the knowledge that your bespoke packaging can be available when you need it.

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Luxury Custom Presentation Packaging

We offer truly bespoke packaging options that will ensure your customer enjoys a positive and memorable experience of your brand the moment they purchase your product.

Over 50 years of packaging expertise

We have been producing luxury custom presentation packaging for over 50 years and our commitment to quality, relationships with suppliers and attention to detail has seen us gain and retain a wide range of customers.